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Strange and Beautiful

Since an early age, women/girls beauty was so interesting for me. So intriguing, so weird and not understandable. I think everything started with the first tunes of Pink Floyd, that my father was playing to me. This sound…from outer space. My father is an artist and he was trying to show be the magical side of life, with music and his amazing aquarels, Maybe women beauty was such a normal thing in an artist family. But still 90s were the worst times for a kid to grow up. The Bankruptcy of Bulgaria, cus the corrupted government, the mafia wars at the streets, the drug abuse. Then skateboarding and punk rock music was introduced to me, a perfect way to escape from this burning country with the wasted youth, trying to find their own way. And the girls, the women…their beauty, that nothing and no one could take it from you. I didn’t got my fathers talent to paint, so I guess the film camera was the nearest point to my fathers aquarels. And so it goes, Pink Floyd, Skateboarding, Punk Rock and the beauty of life.