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Love Ispossible

In this fucked up society, where the media is trying to destroy the most sacred things of love – its honesty and weirdness – in a society where everything is “sugar and spice and everything nice”, I’ve decided to make an act of „treason“. I’ve decided to photograph us, the people in an act of pure and simple tenderness. I’ve decided to keep it forever, to lock it on an alchemy paper and call it mysticism.

It’s so simple, you know the kiss, just put your lips together and that’s it, that’s all, nothing more and nothing less.

 – Interview made by C-Heads Magazine

 – How did you find the people for your project?

Basically I did this project in the last days of my exhibition at the SYNTHESIS Gallery in Sofia Bulgaria. I decided to stay one day in the gallery and photograph the visitors of my exhibition; I invited few friends and strangers. No matter of their gender, age and sexuality my only rule was to come and kiss someone or something they love. It could be a friend, a pet, a flower. This project was also a big “Thank You” for the people who are supporting me and I didn’t expect so many to come. There are also few photos from Bar Petak (Sofia), when our friends Plastic Bo. – which is a super cool punk/ska band – was doing a show.

 – How long did you work on the project?

It took me one day, simple as the love from first sight.

 – Which cam did you use for it?

Impossible Project I, which was a gift from Photosynthesis Store, the owner of SYNTHESIS Gallery.

 – What are you doing for society / the world to make it a better place?

Just being a nice person. Maybe that is enough, maybe not. It’s really banal, but if we want the world to be a better place, we must start with ourselves. Asking the questions if we are we happy with the lives we live, do we really need all that material stuff, do we really need that anger and sadness. Everything is in our head. I was also sad and angry in my younger age, but then one day I finally realized that this is all nonsense and just started my day with a smile. Everything became brighter then. It’s not really hard, you know help and support your friends, family, strangers on the streets in need, homeless people, ride a bicycle instead of a car, recycle… There are so many small ways for the greater good.

Still on a bigger lever, I try to do it with my art no matter if I photograph a beautiful girl or my drunk ass friends. I try to show our daily lives in an simple act of love. Everything that I earned from my exhibition I have donated to “For Our Children Foundation“. This foundation provides professional social services to the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria at early age by encouraging the constant, secure and developing family relations. It wasn’t that much, but you know, big things start small. Photographers out there:  If you are thinking to make an exhibition, sell prints, make a zine, magazine or a photo book please also search a foundation to support them a bit. This will mean the world to them!